Are you dealing with a host of negative emotions that are taking the joy and passion out of your life?  Are you dealing with negative feelings of overwhelm, fear, low self-esteem, lack of clarity, and low self-confidence?  Are your negative emotions affecting your physical, mental, and spiritual health and your ability to handle obstacles? 

Learn how to identify and manage those negative emotions, break destructive habits and eliminate limiting beliefs.  Learn how to choose more positive thoughts and beliefs that will lead to healthier habits and actions to bring you stronger clarity and vision, help build your confidence and self-esteem, and allow you to positively project yourself so you can live your purpose and become the highest and best version of yourself.

How can your body operate efficiently if your immune system, mood, and brain rely on a poorly functioning digestive system?  60-80% of your immune system is based on your digestive system.  There are more neurotransmitters, which are used for communication between the brain and the body, in the digestive system than in the brain.   Lack of nutrient absorption compromises the immune system and mood and brain function. 

Are you looking to experience a stronger and healthier body with greater vitality and a greater sense of well-being?  Learn more about a 30-day detoxification and cleansing protocol that will make you feel better and healthier once the job is done! 

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Are you happy and satisfied with your skin and complexion? Do you feel it reflects your true inner beauty and radiance?  Are you interested in learning more about a natural skin care regimen that includes emollients that nourish and hydrate the skin as well as tighten, tone, and smooth the skin and reduce visible signs of ageing? 

Learn how to help fortify and refresh the skin as well as create a glowing, youthful-looking complexion with natural plant-based technology.

90-Day Wellness Journey

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Obesity has become the most common metabolic disorder in the world.  Over 2/3’s of adults in the US are overweight and over 1/3 are obese.  Do you find yourself continually struggling with those same stubborn extra pounds? 

Learn a new weight management system that can be implemented to help you absorb more nutrients, reduce a stress-induced appetite and carbohydrate cravings, support a healthy metabolism and insulin response while also lifting your mood.  Learn how to incorporate an alternative, natural solution to help manage and rid the body of toxins and allow the body to “deflate” and stop the body’s production of fat cells.

Work with Christina to create a customized, 90-day health and wellness plan to address your health needs and goals.

Discover new possibilities to care for yourself and your family with alternative, natural solutions.

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40% of Americans say only $500 of extra monthly income could dramatically improve their financial situation.  Would it improve your financial situation?  Are you feeling less than satisfied with your current career, your current job, or maybe even your present life situation?  Have you heard a greater calling and purpose for your life?  Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit with an open mind to exploring a home-based business that will add more money to your family’s income? 

Learn how you can build a home-based business with the help of a team of like-minded entrepreneurs all moving toward the same goals – financial independence, more time freedom, and greater personal growth and development.

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