Christina Arnold

Living Essentially Strong

about christina

You were made for a wonderful purpose, and without a doubt, it’s no mistake you’re here today with the potential to transform your life!  Time is fleeting — wouldn’t you agree?  The years fly by with ever-increasing speed, and one day you realize that something essential is missing in your life. It is a pivotal moment when you realize you are not in alignment with your purpose and your well-being is also out of balance. Obviously, a change in direction needs to be considered!

My pivotal moment resulted in me embarking on a redirected path helping to guide and inspire like-minded women wanting to transform their lives to achieve an exciting new lifestyle of health and wellness along with relational connection and personal fulfillment.  Now my mission is to inspire and empower women to achieve an enriched lifestyle they love!

By mindfully reaching out to other others, I wisely draw on my challenging but rewarding experience as a single mother raising two daughters as well as confidently relying on my accomplished leadership and interpersonal skills gained throughout my career in the corporate world. My pursuit for personal growth and fulfillment has driven me to invest both finances and time from many accomplished leaders and experts today.  My passion is to share that knowledge with you and others in a collective and continuous pursuit of each individual’s unique calling.

As a five-year cancer survivor, I know what it’s like to walk through the valley of fear, uncertainty, and depression.  Thankfully, through my faith in God and His strength and guidance, I also know that positive and consistent choices and actions taken can enable one to emerge physically, emotionally, and spiritually stronger and more resilient.  

It has often been said: “No change … No change!”  Yes, we can choose at any time to change the direction of our --at times – unfulfilled lives. If you are ready now to transform your life, contact me today.  I’d love to hear your story, goals, and vision so that by partnering together we can launch an action plan for your success!